Bubble Witch Saga 1 Apk + Mod V2 Game

Hello android lovers there is new android game that is developed by “king” is presented to you “Bubble Witch Saga 1” and this game is puzzle game in which you have to to shoot the matching bubbles with the help of the supporting bubbles/ There are spiders which will help you to get most scores and you will get 3 stars when you will get the required score. There are different kind of bubbles that are available in this game and you have to make series so that more bubbles will fall on the spider and you get the points. When you through a bubble and it does not blast the bubbles then spiders will go up and you will get the less points. This is the epic saga that you will love and enjoy to play it in your free time. This game graphics are not so good in my opinion but that is the way when developers try to make the unique items. There is a video that I have made for this android app so that you can enjoy this game and also you can watch the video that how the game start and how you can play it. There now features of the game.

Video of Bubble Witch Saga 1:

Here is the video which will show you that how you can throw the bubbles and balls

Features of Bubble Witch Saga 1 Apk:

There are some features of the game that you might interested to know them:

  • Cats and potion: This is a magic game so some people relate the cats to the magic so cats are included and also some of the magic potions which you unlock when you strike the bubble in the series of the same color
  • Levels: There are 100s of the levels that you can enjoy to play and also there are different special levels that are really amazing to play
  • Sync and Bonus: You can sync your game to unlock the premium features and you can also earn the bonus points in the game

Download Bubble Witch Saga Mod Apk:

Download this awesome application on your android devices from our website and there are links for you. You can download the latest version from App Store and there is the link for the mod app so that you can get the unlimited functionality and unlimited coins to buy every thing and moves and lives and whatever you want.so go now and download the game

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