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Hello users there is a unique game that is also a maze “Daregon” mod apk. In this game there are different places and also different roads and you need to clear them before you are out of the stage. This amazing game is the production of the Tel Games. This game is action style puzzle game you must have a strong grip on your mind and also you hands in order to complete the stage. These roads and impossible to clear unless you have tried hell lot of time. This game is really worth because if you want a easy game then it is not a game. There are further more details about the game below:

  • These ways are awesome but some times it is difficult to understand which way to choose in order to reach tot he destination.
  • This game has good graphics and such a geomatery like when you enter a door it takes you some where else
  • There are 30 levels of puzzles and there guide you can get in youtube video, but other levels you have solve on your own.
  • There are also mre games that are developed by the game developer
  • This game requires android version 2.3 to get installed
  • Please you must have a free space of 25 mbs to install the game.

Daregon game Play Apk:

here is the video of the daregon apk game.

Download Daregon apk + Mod:

There is link in order to download the game. The money for this game is unlimited and also if you want more things to be free in game then download from mod apk file. You can also choose daregon game from app store if you want to pay for that app.

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