Extreme Intelligence Apk Seven Planets Android Game

Extraordinary Intelligence” assembles exceedingly astute individuals from around the globe to play the most difficult amusement at any point played. No favor illustrations, no sensational music, just you and your cerebrum against the sharp and innovative personalities of others.

Is it a procedure amusement?

Indeed, you should shape astute unions, be cautious who you trust and think a few pushes forward of alternate players.

Is it a puzzle amusement?

Indeed, unraveling conundrums will get you saw and increased in value by different players. Likewise, it will furnish you with points of interest, similar to a senior position, a coveted capacity or expanded authorizations.

Is it a reality diversion?

Indeed, it might and will reach out outside the authority applications and sites of the amusement.

What are the tenets?

Do what you have to do with a specific end goal to outmaneuver the others, reasonable or uncalled for.

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