Petal 1.0.0 APK Android App (Period Counter)

What is Petal?

Petal is a valuable device that helps track and record your period and ovulation condition. It can be your bestie, giving the most auspicious heads-up to enable you to traverse the month to month extreme time.

What would petal be able to improve the situation you?

Petal is a period tracker and update, stream recorder and intercourse tip provider, and so forth.

Petal features:

☆ Period Tracker

– Track when your period begins and closures, petal will enable you to find out about your body.

☆ Intimacy tips

– Tell you what position you should take amid intercourse when Charlie comes. Give you a chance to lead an upbeat sexual coexistence starting now and into the foreseeable future.

☆ Personal wellbeing journal

– Record your cycle stream and torment status amid period, making your private Charlie journal.

☆ Body circumstance Recorder

– One tap to keep a record of your weight and temperament condition. Never lose control of your stature.

☆ Reminders for next period

– Inform that the season of next menstrual cycle and ovulation, getting you arranged well for them.

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