Wrestling Revolution 3D Apk + WWE Mod V3 Download Now

Hello users to a new sports game that is Wrestling revoltuion 3d WWE and this apk file has been developed and designed by MDickie who is a top developer in the sight of the users and Google will also declare it soon. This game is in the category of the sports but i think it also be included in the category of the action and fight games. Wrestling is famous in worldwide and especially WWE and Raw have made a famous popularity in the world wide sports. This game is free to install and download but it has the options for the in-app purchases. There are also ads that will be displayed in the devices and also notifcations to the game. If you love WWE then you will also love to play this game with your favourite characters like Jhon Cena, Under Taker, The Man(Seth Rolins), Roman Reign, Dean Embors (Embors Eyslum), The White man Shemaus and many others that you will love to play the character. Below there are features of the game and also links to download this game.

  • Play the Wrestling Revolution 3D Apk + WWE Mod V3 with other 28 million people and celebrate the event with the wrestling revolution 3d wwe Fighting and become a champion.
  • This is a 3d game and not like the ones who give 2d wrestling or racing games. The game is only created for the purpose of entertainment and you just not to discriminate that undertaker has more powers and skills or other points
  • There are new entertainment or update every week so get ready and hold tight for amazing fun
  • This game is not like that you have be pro in order to play the game and it is very easy to play with the simple controls
  • There are 4 page rules so read them before you going to play this game and there are more then 18 wrestlers included in the game.
  • Here you can read the controls and how you can play wrestling revolution 3d wwe
  • CURSORS = Movement (double-tap to dash)
    A = Attack (with a direction to aim high, without to aim low)
    G = Grapple
    R = Run
    P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
    T = Taunt / Pin / Referee duties
    EYE = Change focus / Turn opponent around
    HEALTH METER = Switch character
    CLOCK = Pause / Change camera angle
  • You device must have a good specifications like nvidia graphics and also good ram and space
  • There are different settings that you can do in order to reduce the crashing game problems

Download Wrestling Revolution 3d WWE + Mod:

There are two links in order to download the wrestling revolution 3d wwe so there Google Play Store link which will give the most updated link for downloading game. The mod version game link is from zippy share which is fully updated. It is your own choice to chose the downloading link.


Download From Google Play Store

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